Identification of Resident and Attending Physicians: Do Parents KnowWho Is Caring for Their Hospitalized Child? Brewer, T.L.;Key, J.D.;O'Rourke, K.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
A Block Rotation in Community Health and Child Advocacy: ImprovedCompetency of Pediatric Residency Graduates Kaczorowski, J.;Andrew Aligne, C.;Halterman, J.S.;Allan, M.J.;Aten, M.J.;Shipley, L.J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-07-01 查看
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Learning About Systems-Based Practice in the Informal Curriculum: ACase Study in an Academic Pediatric Continuity Clinic Balmer, D.;Ruzek, S.;Ludwig, S.;Giardino, A.P.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2007-05-01 查看
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