Schistosoma mansoni infection in a rural area of the JequitinhonhaValley, Minas Gerais, Brazil: Analysis of exposure risk Pereira, W.R.;Kloos, H.;Crawford, S.B.;Velasquez-Melendez, J.G.;Matoso, L.F.;Fujiwara, R.T.;Cancado, G.G.L.;LoVerde, P.T.;Correa-Oliveira, R.;Gazzinelli, A.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Identification of a novel 19kDa Echinococcus granulosus antigen Delunardo, F.;Ortona, E.;Margutti, P.;Perdicchio, M.;Vacirca, D.;Teggi, A.;Sorice, M.;Siracusano, A.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
In vitro biological evaluation of biguanides and dihydrotriazinesagainst Brugia malayi and folate reversal studies Bag, S.;Tawari, N.R.;Sharma, R.;Goswami, K.;Reddy, M.V.R.;Degani, M.S.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
PCR for diagnosis and assessment of cure in kala-azar patients inBangladesh Salam, M.A.;Mondal, D.;Kabir, M.;Ekram, A.R.M.S.;Haque, R.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Two novel ternary albendazole-cyclodextrin-polymer systems:Dissolution, bioavailability and efficacy against Taenia crassiceps cysts Palomares-Alonso, F.;Gonzalez, C.R.;Bernad-Bernad, Ma.J.;Montiel, M.D.C.;Hernandez, G.P.;Gonzalez-Hernandez, I.;Castro-Torres, N.;Estrada, E.P.;Jung-Cook, H.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Detection of Plasmodium vivax infection in the Republic of Korea byloop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) Chen, J.H.;Lu, F.;Lim, C.S.;Kim, J.Y.;Ahn, H.J.;Suh, I.B.;Takeo, S.;Tsuboi, T.;Sattabongkot, J.;Han, E.T.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Slight activation of nuclear factor kappa-B is associated withincreased hepatic stellate cell apoptosis in human schistosomal fibrosis Braz, M.M.;Ramalho, F.S.;Cardoso, R.L.;Zucoloto, S.;Costa, R.S.;Ramalho, L.N.Z.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Characterization of Leishmania (Leishmania) tropica axenic amastigotes Nasereddin, A.;Schweynoch, C.;Schonian, G.;Jaffe, C.L.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Experimental and field investigations on the role of birds as hosts ofLeishmania infantum, with emphasis on the domestic chicken Otranto, D.;Testini, G.;Buonavoglia, C.;Parisi, A.;Brandonisio, O.;Circella, E.;Dantas-Torres, F.;Camarda, A.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Lutzomyia migonei as putative vector of visceral leishmaniasis in LaBanda, Argentina Salomon, O.D.;Quintana, M.G.;Bezzi, G.;Moran, M.L.;Betbeder, E.;Valdez, D.V.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Percentage of reactor animals to single comparative cervicalintradermal tuberculin (SCCIT) in small ruminants in Punjab Pakistan Javed, M.T.;Munir, A.;Shahid, M.;Severi, G.;Irfan, M.;Aranaz, A.;Cagiola, M.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Remarks on identification of amplified fragment length polymorphismslinked to SAG resistance in Leishmania Van der Auwera, G.;Bhattarai, N.R.;Odiwuor, S.;Vuylsteke, M.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Susceptibility of Culicoides biting midge larvae to theinsect-pathogenic fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae: Prospects for bluetonguevector control Ansari, M.A.;Carpenter, S.;Butt, T.M.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Efficacy of bioactive compounds from Curcuma aromatica against mosquitolarvae Madhu, S.K.;Shaukath, A.K.;Vijayan, V.A.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Genetic structure of Plasmodium vivax isolates from two malaria endemicareas in Afghanistan Zakeri, S.;Safi, N.;Afsharpad, M.;Butt, W.;Ghasemi, F.;Mehrizi, A.A.;Atta, H.;Zamani, G.;Djadid, N.D.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Characterization of antimicrobial resistance and integrons amongEscherichia coli isolated from animal farms in Eastern China Lu, L.;Dai, L.;Wang, Y.;Wu, C.;Chen, X.;Li, L.;Qi, Y.;Xia, L.;Shen, J.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Study of cystic echinococcosis in slaughtered animals in Al Baharegion, Saudi Arabia: Interaction between some biotic and abiotic factors Ibrahim, M.M.; Acta Tropica 2010-01-01 查看
Preliminary evidence of Rhodnius prolixus (Hemiptera: Triatominae)attraction to human skin odour extracts Ortiz, M.I.;Molina, J.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Resistance to the organophosphate temephos: Mechanisms, evolution andreversion in an Aedes aegypti laboratory strain from Brazil Melo-Santos, M.A.V.;Varjal-Melo, J.J.M.;Araujo, A.P.;Gomes, T.C.S.;Paiva, M.H.S.;Regis, L.N.;Furtado, A.F.;Magalhaes, T.;Macoris, M.L.G.;Andrighetti, M.T.M.;Ayres, C.F.J.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Monitoring of in vitro susceptibilities and molecular markers ofresistance of Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Thai-Myanmar border tochloroquine, quinine, mefloquine and artesunate Chaijaroenkul, W.;Wisedpanichkij, R.;Na-Bangchang, K.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Transmissibility, by Glossina morsitans morsitans, of Trypanosomacongolense strains during the acute and chronic phases of infection Masumu, J.;Akoda, K.;Van den Bossche, P.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
The use of a Gamma-Interferon assay to confirm a diagnosis of bovinetuberculosis in Brazil Marassi, C.D.;Medeiros, L.;Lilenbaum, W.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis is useful fordistinguishing Leishmania species of visceral and cutaneous forms Kumar, A.;Boggula, V.R.;Misra, P.;Sundar, S.;Shasany, A.K.;Dube, A.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Revised incidence of leptospirosis in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies Chadee, D.D.;Mohan, A.R.M.;Cumberbatch, A.;Adesiyun, A.A.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Parasites and poverty: The case of schistosomiasis King, C.H.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Therapeutic efficacy of chloroquine and chloroquine plus primaquine forthe treatment of Plasmodium vivax in Ethiopia Yeshiwondim, A.K.;Tekle, A.H.;Dengela, D.O.;Yohannes, A.M.;Teklehaimanot, A.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Dot immunogold filtration assay (DIGFA) with multiple native antigensfor rapid serodiagnosis of human cystic and alveolar echinococcosis Feng, X.;Wen, H.;Zhang, Z.;Chen, X.;Ma, X.;Zhang, J.;Qi, X.;Bradshaw, H.;Vuitton, D.;Craig, P.S.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Imported bancroftian filariasis: Diethylcarbamazine response andbenzimidazole susceptibility of Wuchereria bancrofti in dynamiccross-border migrant population targeted by the National Program toEliminate Lymphatic Filariasis in South Thailand Bhumiratana, A.;Pechgit, P.;Koyadun, S.;Siriaut, C.;Yongyuth, P.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Respiratory syncytial virus infection of camels (Camelus dromedaries) Intisar, K.S.;Ali, Y.H.;Khalafalla, A.I.;Rahman, M.E.A.;Amin, A.S.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Benznidazole alters the pattern of Cyclophosphamide-inducedreactivation in experimental Trypanosoma cruzi-dependent lineage infection Santos, D.M.;Martins, T.A.F.;Caldas, I.S.;Diniz, L.F.;Machado-Coelho, G.L.L.;Carneiro, C.M.;Oliveira, R.d.P.;Talvani, A.;Lana, M.;Bahia, M.T.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Knowledge, perceptions and practices of farming communities on linkagesbetween malaria and agriculture in Mvomero District, Tanzania Mboera, L.E.G.;Shayo, E.H.;Senkoro, K.P.;Rumisha, S.F.;Mlozi, M.R.S.;Mayala, B.K.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Laboratory and field evaluation of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss)and Chinaberry (Melia azedarach L.) oils as repellents against Phlebotomusorientalis and P. bergeroti (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Ethiopia Kebede, Y.;Gebre-Michael, T.;Balkew, M.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Plasma levels of chemokines during leprosy specific treatment Mendonca, V.A.;Costa, R.D.;Lyon, S.;Penido, R.A.;Borges, V.O.;Bretas, T.L.;Antunes, C.M.;Teixeira, M.M.;Teixeira, A.L.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Factors contributing to anaemia after uncomplicatedPlasmodiumfalciparum malaria in children Sowunmi, A.;Gbotosho, G.O.;Happi, C.T.;Fateye, B.A.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Comparative study of kala-azar vector control measures in eastern Nepal Das, M.L.;Roy, L.;Rijal, S.;Paudel, I.S.;Picado, A.;Kroeger, A.;Petzold, M.;Davies, C.;Boelaert, M.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Knock-down of REL2, but not defensin A, augments Aedes aegyptisusceptibility to Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli Magalhaes, T.;Leandro, D.C.;Ayres, C.F.J.; Acta Tropica 2010-02-01 查看
Effect of Thai koi-hoi food flavoring on the viability and infectivityof the third-stage larvae of Angiostrongylus cantonensis (Nematoda:Angiostrongylidae) Eamsobhana, P.;Yoolek, A.;Yong, H.S.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Widespread co-endemicity of human cystic and alveolar echinococcosis onthe eastern Tibetan Plateau, northwest Sichuan/southeast Qinghai, China Li, T.;Chen, X.;Zhen, R.;Qiu, J.;Qiu, D.;Xiao, N.;Ito, A.;Wang, H.;Giraudoux, P.;Sako, Y.;Nakao, M.;Craig, P.S.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Seroprevalence of Trypanosoma cruzi infection and vector controlactivities in rural communities of the southern Gran Chaco (Argentina) Moreno, M.L.;Moretti, E.;Basso, B.;Cespedes, M.F.;Catala, S.S.;Gorla, D.E.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
A preliminary study on pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine profiles inPlasmodium vivax malaria patients from central zone of India Jain, V.;Singh, P.P.;Silawat, N.;Patel, R.;Saxena, A.;Bharti, P.K.;Shukla, M.;Biswas, S.;Singh, N.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Interaction of the monoxenic trypanosomatid Blastocrithidia culiciswith the Aedes aegypti salivary gland Nascimento, M.T.C.;Garcia, M.C.F.;da Silva, K.P.;Pinto-da-Silva, L.H.;Atella, G.C.;Motta, M.C.M.;Saraiva, E.M.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Cost-effectiveness of a successful schistosomiasis control programme inCambodia (19952006) Croce, D.;Porazzi, E.;Foglia, E.;Restelli, U.;Sinuon, M.;Socheat, D.;Montresor, A.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Evaluation of the performance of CareStart" Malaria Pf/Pv Combo rapiddiagnostic test for the diagnosis of malaria in Jimma, southwestern Ethiopia Mekonnen, Z.;Ali, S.;Belay, G.;Suleman, S.;Chatterjee, S.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Alterations in the expression level of a putative aspartic protease inthe development of Angiostrongylus cantonensis Hwang, K.P.;Chang, S.H.;Wang, L.C.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Anti-CCR3 monoclonal antibody inhibits eosinophil infiltration inAngiostrongylus cantonensis-infected ICR mice Chuang, C.C.;Su, K.E.;Chen, C.W.;Fan, C.K.;Lin, F.K.;Chen, Y.S.;Du, W.Y.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
The effects of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae var. acridum ondifferent stages of Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae) Amora, S.S.A.;Bevilaqua, C.M.L.;Feijo, F.M.C.;Pereira, R.H.d.M.A.;Alves, N.D.;Freire, F.A.d.M.;Kamimura, M.T.;Oliveira, D.M.d.;Luna-Alves Lima, E.A.;Rocha, M.F.G.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Hydatidosis: Prevalence and its economic importance in ruminantsslaughtered at Adama municipal abattoir, Central Oromia, Ethiopia Getaw, A.;Beyene, D.;Ayana, D.;Megersa, B.;Abunna, F.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
The life cycle of Ascocotyle (Phagicola) longa (Digenea:Heterophyidae), a causative agent of fish-borne trematodosis Simoes, S.B.E.;Barbosa, H.S.;Santos, C.P.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
Seroprevalence and risk factors for dengue infection insocio-economically distinct areas of Recife, Brazil Braga, C.;Luna, C.F.;Martelli, C.M.;Souza, W.V.d.;Cordeiro, M.T.;Alexander, N.;Albuquerque, M.d.F.P.M.d.;Junior, J.C.S.;Marques, E.T.; Acta Tropica 2010-03-01 查看
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