Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
The impacts of climate change on livestock and livestock systems indeveloping countries: A review of what we know and what we need to know Thornton, P.K.;van de Steeg, J.;Notenbaert, A.;Herrero, M.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
GAMEDE: A global activity model for evaluating the sustainability ofdairy enterprises Part I - Whole-farm dynamic model Vayssieres, J.;Guerrin, F.;Paillat, J.M.;Lecomte, P.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
GAMEDE: A global activity model for evaluating the sustainability ofdairy enterprises. Part II - Interactive simulation of various managementstrategies with diverse stakeholders Vayssieres, J.;Bocquier, F.;Lecomte, P.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
Economic evaluation of current and alternative dual-purpose cattlesystems for smallholder farms in the central Peruvian highlands Bartl, K.;Mayer, A.C.;Gomez, C.A.;Munoz, E.;Hess, H.D.;Holmann, F.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
The early economic impact of a nutrient management decision supportsystem (NuMaSS) on small farm households cultivating maize on acidic,upland soils in the Philippines Walker, T.;Friday, J.;Casimero, M.;Dollentas, R.;Mataia, A.;Acda, R.;Yost, R.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
A quantitative framework to analyse cooperation between rural households Gerichhausen, M.;Berkhout, E.D.;Hamers, H.J.M.;Manyong, V.M.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
Development of a mathematical model to study the impacts of productionand management policies on the herd dynamics and profitability of dairygoats Guimaraes, V.P.;Tedeschi, L.O.;Rodrigues, M.T.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
Can large-scale biofuels production be sustainable by 2020? Bindraban, P.S.;Bulte, E.H.;Conijn, S.G.; Agricultural Systems 2009-07-01 查看
Social and economic impacts of agricultural productivityintensification: The case of brush park fisheries in Lake Volta Bene, C.;Obirih-Opareh, N.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Crop rotations in Argentina: Analysis of water balance and yield usingcrop models Salado-Navarro, L.R.;Sinclair, T.R.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
A decision tool for evaluating the agronomic risk of exposure tofumonisins of different maize crop management systems in Italy Maiorano, A.;Reyneri, A.;Magni, A.;Ramponi, C.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Tactical management of pasture fallows in Western Australian croppingsystems Doole, G.J.;Weetman, E.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Livestock water productivity in mixed crop-livestock farming systems ofthe Blue Nile basin: Assessing variability and prospects for improvement Haileslassie, A.;Peden, D.;Gebreselassie, S.;Amede, T.;Descheemaeker, K.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Agronomic and gross margin analysis of an insect pest suppressivebroccoli cropping system Broad, S.T.;Lisson, S.N.;Mendham, N.J.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Identifying the value of pasture improvement using wholefarm modelling Bathgate, A.;Revell, C.;Kingwell, R.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Application of crop growth simulation and mathematical modeling tosupply chain management in the Thai sugar industry Piewthongngam, K.;Pathumnakul, S.;Setthanan, K.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Tractive power in organic farming based on fuel cell technology -Energy balance and environmental load Ahlgren, S.;Baky, A.;Bernesson, S.;Nordberg, A.;Noren, O.;Hansson, P.A.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
A dynamic bio-economic model to simulate optimal adjustments of sucklercow farm management to production and market shocks in France Mosnier, C.;Agabriel, J.;Lherm, M.;Reynaud, A.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Identifying key entry-points for strategic management of smallholderfarming systems in sub-Saharan Africa using the dynamic farm-scalesimulation model NUANCES-FARMSIM van Wijk, M.T.;Tittonell, P.;Rufino, M.C.;Herrero, M.;Pacini, C.;Ridder, N.d.;Giller, K.E.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
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