In vivo bromodeoxyuridine(BrdU)-labelling index of rat thymus: influence ofdifferent BrdU doses and exposure times as analyzed both in tissue sectionsand in single cell suspensions Carbajo, S.;Orfao, A.;Alberca, V.;Ciudad, J.;Lopez, A.;Hernandez, L.C.;Carbajo-Perez, E.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-01-01 查看
Optimization of immunohistochemical staining of proliferating cells inparaffin sections of breast carcinoma using antibodies to proliferatingcell nuclear antigen and the Ki-67 antigen Yu, C.C.-W.;Dublin, E.A.;Camplejohn, R.S.;Levison, D.A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-07-01 查看
Interest of argyrophilic proteins nucleolar organizer regions (AgNOR) toestimate the reactivity of T cell clones against autologous malignant B-NHLcells Wozniak, Z.M.;Bonnefoix, T.;Zheng, X.;Seigneurin, D.;Sotto, J.J.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-09-01 查看
Immunocytometric determination of the @a and @b isoforms of human DNAtopoisomerase II: influence of different fixatives Prosperi, E.;Negri, C.;Bottiroli, G.;Ricotti, G.C.B.A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-03-01 查看
Cell proliferation and ploidy of human solid tumours: methodologicalexperience with in vivo bromodeoxyuridine and DNA flow cytometry Mazzini, G.;Danova, M.;Ferrari, C.;Giordano, M.;Dionigi, P.;Riccardi, A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-03-01 查看
Cell cycle kinetics in normal human skin by in vivo administration ofiododeoxyuridine and application of a differentiation marker - implicationsfor cell cycle kinetics in psoriatic skin van Erp, P.E.J.;Boezeman, J.B.M.;Brons, P.P.T.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-06-01 查看
AIDS-related bone marrow lesions -- myelodysplastic features or predominantinflammatory-reactive changes (HIV-myelopathy)? A comparative morphometricstudy by immunohistochemistry with special emphasis on apoptosis andPCNA-labeling Thiele, J.;Zirbes, T.K.;Bertsch, H.P.;Titius, B.R.;Lorenzen, J.;Fischer, R.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-08-01 查看
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