Full length article Morvan, T.;Leterme, P.;Mary, B.; Agronomie 1996-01-01 查看
STICS: a generic model for the simulation of crops and their water andnitrogen balances. I. Theory and parameterization applied to wheat andcorn Brisson, N.;Mary, B.;Ripoche, D.;Jeuffroy, M.H.;Ruget, F.;Nicoullaud, B.;Gate, P.;Devienne-Barret, F.;Antonioletti, R.;Durr, C.;Richard, G.;Beaudoin, N.;Recous, S.;Tayot, X.;Plenet, D.;Cellier, P.;Machet, J.-M.;Meynard, J.M.;Delecolle, R.; Agronomie 1998-06-01 查看
Water, carbon and nitrogen cycling in a rendzina soil cropped with winteroilseed rape: the Chalons Oilseed Rape Database Gosse, G.;Cellier, P.;Denoroy, P.;Gabrielle, B.;Laville, P.;Leviel, B.;Justes, E.;Nicolardot, B.;Mary, B.;Recous, S.;Germon, J.-C.;Henault, C.;Leech, P.K.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Evolution of soil carbon with various cropping sequences on the rollingpampas. Determination of carbon origin using variations in natural ^1^3Cabundance Andriulo, A.;Guerif, J.;Mary, B.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Modelling soil carbon dynamics with various cropping sequences on therolling pampas Andriulo, A.;Mary, B.;Guerif, J.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
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