Uptake of Cd and Ni by spinach, Spinacea oleracea (L.) from polluted soilunder field conditions as affected by salt water irrigation Helal, M.;Baibagyshew, E.;Saber, S.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Temperature of rice spikelets: thermal damage and the concept of a thermalburden Sheehy, J.E.;Mitchell, P.L.;Beerling, D.J.;Tsukaguchi, T.;Woodward, F.I.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Evaluation of Granier's sap flux sensor in young mango trees Lu, P.;Chacko, E.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
The Influence of aeration of sawdust litter in fattening pig units on therelative gaseous emission of NH3, N2O, N2 and on N-budget Kermarrec, C.;Robin, P.;Bernet, N.;Trolard, F.;de Oliveira, P.A.;Laplanche, A.;Souloumiac, D.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Spontaneous hybridisation between vegetable crops and weeds. 1: Gardenradish (Raphanus sativus L.) and wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis L.) Eber, F.;Boucherie, R.;Broucqsault, L.-M.;Bouchet, Y.;Chevre, A.-M.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Book review(s) Thiellement, H.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Book review(s) Penel, C.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Perspectives for Agronomy. Adopting ecological principles and managingresource use Benoit, M.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Growth and mineral nutrition of field crops Vouillot, M.; Agronomie 1999-09-01 查看
Simulation of the maximum yield of sugar cane at different altitudes:effect of temperature on the conversion of radiation into biomass Martine, J.-F.;Siband, P.;Bonhomme, R.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Cultivation of shiitake mushroom, Lentinula edodes, in severallignocellulosic materials originating from the subtropics Salmones, D.;Mata, G.;Ramos, L.M.;Waliszewski, K.N.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Characterisation of the mycelial glycoproteins of the 'Ascochyta peacomplex' (Ascochyta pisi Lib., Mycosphaerella pinodes (Berk. and Blox.) andPhoma medicaginis var. pinodella (Jones) Boerema) Mendes-Pereira, E.;Faris-Mokaiesh, S.;Bertrandy, J.;Spire, D.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Analysis of the relationships between species of the genus Prosopisrevealed by the use of molecular markers Ramirez, L.;de la Vega, A.;Razkin, N.;Luna, V.;Harris, P.J.C.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Path analysis of genotype x environment interactions of wheats to nitrogen Ehdaie, B.;Shakiba, M.R.;Waines, J.G.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Meiotic behaviour, chromosome stability and genetic analysis of thepreferential transmission of 1B-1R, 1A-1R and 1R(1D) chromosomes inintervarietal hybrids of wheat Rubio, P.;Daza, L.;Jouve, N.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Ploidy of embryogenic Medicago sativa subsp. falcata germplasms Blondon, F.;Brown, S.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Variation for polyphenol oxidase activity in stems of Medicago species Bellucci, M.;Pupilli, F.;Arcioni, S.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Radiometry at infrared wavelengths for agricultural applications Schmugge, T.J.;Kustas, W.P.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Daily embolism and refilling of root xylem vessels in three dicotyledonouscrop plants Buchard, C.;McCully, M.;Canny, M.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Land evaluation methodology and GIS for soil resource management. Examplewith cotton crop in Greece Kollias, V.J.;Kalivas, D.P.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Water, carbon and nitrogen cycling in a rendzina soil cropped with winteroilseed rape: the Chalons Oilseed Rape Database Gosse, G.;Cellier, P.;Denoroy, P.;Gabrielle, B.;Laville, P.;Leviel, B.;Justes, E.;Nicolardot, B.;Mary, B.;Recous, S.;Germon, J.-C.;Henault, C.;Leech, P.K.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Agronomic comparison of two sets of SSD barley lines differing for the ym4resistance gene against barley mosaic viruses Le Gouis, J.;Jestin, L.;Ordon, F.;de Froidmont, D.;Beghin, D.;Joseph, J.-L.;Froidmont, F.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Creation of stable associations between perennial ryegrass or tall fescueand fungal endophytes Naffaa, W.;Astier, C.;Ravel, C.;Guillaumin, J.-J.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Development of SCARs useful for species identification in the genus Lolium Delozier, V.;Peltier, D.;Jalouzot, R.; Agronomie 1999-02-01 查看
Exploration of a plant architecture database with the AMAPmod softwareillustrated on an apple tree hybrid family Godin, C.;Guedon, Y.;Costes, E.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Three-dimensional plant modelling for remote sensing simulation studiesusing the Botanical Plant Modelling System Lewis, P.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
A look at the visual modeling of plants using L-systems Prusinkiewicz, P.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Radiative models for architectural modeling Chelle, M.;Andrieu, B.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Radiative transfer sensitivity to the accuracy of canopy structuredescription. The case of a maize canopy Espana, M.;Baret, F.;Aries, F.;Andrieu, B.;Chelle, M.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Water uptake by two contrasting root systems (maize, peach tree): resultsfrom a model of hydraulic architecture Doussan, C.;Vercambre, G.;Pages, L.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Calibration of a hydraulic architecture-based growth model of cotton plants de Reffye, P.;Blaise, F.;Chemouny, S.;Jaffuel, S.;Fourcaud, T.;Houllier, F.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Do changes in the azimuthal distribution of maize leaves over time affectcanopy light absorption? Drouet, J.-L.;Moulia, B.;Bonhomme, R.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Root system architecture: from its representation to the study of itselaboration Pages, L.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Architectural analysis of herbaceous crop species: a comparative study ofmaize (Zea mays L.) and garden pea (Pisum sativum L.) Moulia, B.;Edelin, C.;Loup, C.;Jeuffroy, M.-H.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
ADEL-maize: an L-system based model for the integration of growth processesfrom the organ to the canopy. Application to regulation of morphogenesisby light availability Fournier, C.;Andrieu, B.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Determining the hydraulic properties of a Sahelian crusted soil. 1. Infield experiment and measurements Perez, P.;Todoroff, P.;Touma, J.;Fortier, M.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Determination of the hydraulic properties of a Sahelian crusted soil. 2.Modelling the infiltration process Touma, J.;Perez, P.;Todoroff, P.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Evolution of soil carbon with various cropping sequences on the rollingpampas. Determination of carbon origin using variations in natural ^1^3Cabundance Andriulo, A.;Guerif, J.;Mary, B.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Modelling soil carbon dynamics with various cropping sequences on therolling pampas Andriulo, A.;Mary, B.;Guerif, J.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Analysis of the yield of two groups of tropical maize cultivars. Varietalcharacteristics, yield potentials, optimum densities Siband, P.;Wey, J.;Oliver, R.;Letourmy, P.;Manichon, H.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
The release of phosphorus from heavily fertilized soils to diluteelectrolytes: effect of soil properties Delgado, A.;Torrent, J.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Methodology for choosing a model for wheat kernel growth Robert, N.;Huet, S.;Hennequet, C.;Bouvier, A.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Genetic variation in Spanish populations of the genus Aegilops revealed byRAPDs Monte, J.-V.;Casanova, C.;Soler, C.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Compendium of Strawberry Diseases Nourrisseau, J.G.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Lupins as Crop Plants. Biology, Production and Utilization Huyghe, C.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Sol : interface fragile Govers, G.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
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