Modelling the spatial organization of land use in a farming territory.Example of a village in the Plateau Lorrain Le Ber, F.;Benoit, M.; Agronomie 1998-03-01 查看
Simulation of the maximum yield of sugar cane at different altitudes:effect of temperature on the conversion of radiation into biomass Martine, J.-F.;Siband, P.;Bonhomme, R.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
A look at the visual modeling of plants using L-systems Prusinkiewicz, P.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Water uptake by two contrasting root systems (maize, peach tree): resultsfrom a model of hydraulic architecture Doussan, C.;Vercambre, G.;Pages, L.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Root system architecture: from its representation to the study of itselaboration Pages, L.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
ADEL-maize: an L-system based model for the integration of growth processesfrom the organ to the canopy. Application to regulation of morphogenesisby light availability Fournier, C.;Andrieu, B.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Determination of the hydraulic properties of a Sahelian crusted soil. 2.Modelling the infiltration process Touma, J.;Perez, P.;Todoroff, P.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Analysis of the yield of two groups of tropical maize cultivars. Varietalcharacteristics, yield potentials, optimum densities Siband, P.;Wey, J.;Oliver, R.;Letourmy, P.;Manichon, H.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
Methodology for choosing a model for wheat kernel growth Robert, N.;Huet, S.;Hennequet, C.;Bouvier, A.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
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