Study of the adult wheat and Aegilops resistance to Pseudomonas syringaepathovar atrofaciens Zaharieva, M.;Vassilev, V.; Agronomie 1995-01-01 查看
Transformation of Poaceae and gene expression in transgenic plants Futterer, J.;Potrykus, I.; Agronomie 1995-01-01 查看
Effects of gibberellic acid and sowing date on harvest time and yields ofseed-grown globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus L) Mauromicale, G.;Ierna, A.; Agronomie 1995-01-01 查看
Establishment of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in autotrophic strawberrycultures in vitro. Comparison with inoculation of microplants in vivo Cassells, A.;Mark, G.;Periappuram, C.; Agronomie 1996-01-01 查看
Arbuscular mycorrhiza technology applied to micropropagated Prunus aviumand to protection against Phytophthora cinnamomi Cordier, C.;Trouvelot, A.;Gianinazzi, S.;Gianinazzi-Pearson, V.; Agronomie 1996-01-01 查看
Full length article Robe, P.;Pavoine, M.;Doussinault, G.; Agronomie 1996-01-01 查看
Review article Tremel, A.;Mench, M.; Agronomie 1997-05-01 查看
Thallium in soils Tremel, A.;Mench, M.; Agronomie 1997-05-01 查看
Thallium in plants Tremel, A.;Mench, M.; Agronomie 1997-06-01 查看
Review article Tremel, A.;Mench, M.; Agronomie 1997-06-01 查看
Thallium in plants Tremel, A.;Mench, M.; Agronomie 1997-06-01 查看
A dynamic model of maize 3D architecture: application to theparameterisation of the clumpiness of the canopy Espana, M.;Baret, F.;Chelle, M.;Aries, F.;Andrieu, B.; Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
Comparison between maize inbred lines: genetic distances in the expert'seye Dillmann, C.;Guerin, D.; Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
Short-term in situ immobilization of Cd and Ni by beringite and steel shotsapplication to long-term sludged plots Boisson, J.;Mench, M.;Sappin-Didier, V.;Solda, P.;Vangronsveld, J.; Agronomie 1998-06-01 查看
Simulation of the maximum yield of sugar cane at different altitudes:effect of temperature on the conversion of radiation into biomass Martine, J.-F.;Siband, P.;Bonhomme, R.; Agronomie 1999-01-01 查看
Exploration of a plant architecture database with the AMAPmod softwareillustrated on an apple tree hybrid family Godin, C.;Guedon, Y.;Costes, E.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
A look at the visual modeling of plants using L-systems Prusinkiewicz, P.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Calibration of a hydraulic architecture-based growth model of cotton plants de Reffye, P.;Blaise, F.;Chemouny, S.;Jaffuel, S.;Fourcaud, T.;Houllier, F.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
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